Frame and hangers

October 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Skirt hangers are very good for hanging papers and displaying artwork, under a dollar at the thrift store. I print most of my art from images online. Frames are one of the best thrift purchases. There is a huge selection, all different sizes, and very cheap. This shadow box was $3. It was already white but frames are one of the easiest things to paint.

Home again

July 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

We have returned home after our time of travel. We were gone 52 days and came home to a few weeds, but nothing else terrible. I had fears that our fridge had spouted water all over the floor for a week or other such tragedy. The fridge is possessed and has done that before. Our home is such a blessing, wide and peaceful. And we are reveling in it. It took almost a week to get home to CO from Miami. We had car trouble in GA, but in providence we also had a terrific mechanic, a swift tow truck and taxi, a convenient hotel, and a kind friend to drive us home for lunch and help us pick up our miraculously repaired car. The kids did well all the way to the end. The whole last 2 days of driving we listened to Little Women. There are a lot of hours in that book! And a lot more to the story than I had remembered from our childhood abridged copy. Never ever read abridged books.

Living in Miami for a month was great. We enjoyed the marine iguanas in our development lake, and harvested the mangoes in our neighborhood. Smoothies are our favorite thing to make with them. Having no toys and few diversions in our little condo, we did activities every day morning and afternoon. We found great libraries and went to playgrounds, the beach, splash parks, play dates, the zoo and the pool. We loved the Miami zoo and rented a ciclofan to tour it. They are Italian vehicles kind of like a bicycle golf cart. Pedaling and shade and  very cool locomotion all at the same time. I want one! I like hot weather. And I like being with my husband. It was a really great trip for the whole family.

The kids really wanted to find a coconut to eat. They had a ton of fun busting it open. But it was not edible.


In the Chesapeake Bay

May 26, 2012 § 1 Comment


And happy babies.

Life-sized frame

March 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

I showed you this frame earlier this week. Over four feet of solidly joined hardwood. I cleaned it and spray painted it blue. I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of spray painting properly.

And since I smashed one of my favorite possessions this week, a bust of David who was my traditional mantle dweller, the frame sits well up there. There is a gaping hole with wires on our mantle, where a flat screen TV can be mounted, and as we rent it stays a hole. The ceilings are two stories up so we need a little bit of a large scale. When we moved in I covered a 3’x5′ piece of insulating board with fabric to be the hole cover and a colorful focal point. I just added the frame this week.

AND the frame is already in use as a photo prop. It is big enough for multiple kids, multiple objects, a whole family! How neat is that?

Oh those siblings.

Mail monday-pinhole camera

March 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

Real mail is completely wonderful; a way to send someone tangible love without having to buy a plane ticket. It is very personal to send and heartwarming to receive. Go drop a postcard in the mail and make someone’s day!

A little while ago I found this packaged in my mailbox. Could it be? A paper camera?

We put it together…

And now to try it! How long does one expose film through a pinhole shutter? I’m excited.

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