Road trip- things that help

June 6, 2012 § 1 Comment

3700 miles and counting. 21 days on the road and I’m still so thankful for each new day! Not always easy, but great. We met up with Daddy in Tampa and have but one leg of our trip to go. Then we will stay put for three weeks or so before heading home. We have stayed overnight with sixteen families and we have many more people to enjoy here in Fl! I have to purchase tires tomorrow, and there is a disturbing smokey puff with every low gear acceleration, but I have had no car trouble.

Here are some things that have helped make our last three weeks easier:

Have a place for everything. It fits there. You know where it is. Each child can find his or her bag to carry in the house and can dig out the next audio book they would like to hear.

Clean out the car at least every day. It takes 5 minutes. With all the flotsam gone, the air of calm is palpable.

Audio books! They haven’t lost their fascination. We have had 9 for the trip, all from the library, with lots of music and theater productions too. The children listen for hours to these classic stories. Beside drawing and making pulleys out of laces, the audio books have been our primary entertainment, and completely sufficient.

On the long days, 500 miles or more, leave very early. Like 4am early. By the time breakfast comes you are a third of the way there, you arrive in time for exercise and visiting before bed, and everyone is happier. Driving all night is an attractive alternative, but not possible for me, I’m too sleepy.

I bathe each day in prayer. I acknowledge that God is in charge of each bolt in the car and each germ we meet in a puddle and give Him the reins with my requests for safety and blessing.


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