Road trip- Why I love to travel with my kids

May 31, 2012 § 4 Comments

Adaptability! It very high on my list of parenting goals to teach. Long drives, scads of new people, pallet beds, and varied food. They are learning; adapt or be miserable. Your day is determined by your attitude.

In this stage of life all the things we see are amazing.  All the words I say, they believe them. All the things they learn are soaked into their brains with delight . I am the most wonderful person in their world. This trip is a gift of time to feed their minds and hear their hearts and cement memories.

I get hours of talking, singing, answering questions. My sometimes divided attention is still more focused now than at home with the calls of cleaning and cooking. We discuss everything and nothing.

In all the driving and the visiting I get to teach skills. Map reading, license plate games, how to be a blessing and not a burden to hosts, sign reading, and story-telling.

As the only parent for a time, I’m on duty. Every hour. I can’t grouse to Ed about the children’s behavior, so I just deal with it, and we’re all happy. Another tiny carving off of self. My character is built when I recognize this as a time to cherish, and not to complain.

Flowers and photo courtesy of my children.


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