Jam jamboree

March 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

Canning jars are one of the things I pick up thrifting. They are very inexpensive, 60-70 cents for me,  and just this week I put up my first batch of strawberry jam. I never thought I’d can. So much work! But my goals change with time and now I’d like less corn syrup, skills that are useful in less luxurious situations, integrity of ingredients, and ways to share things with my kids while teaching them to work and to appreciate their food.

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  • Ria says:

    I love making jam. I don’t usually get my jars from thrift, since I have a load of them in storage, but still, they’re good for all kinds of things. But making jam is something I discovered I really enjoy doing, and I like that it tends to taste so much better than what I can buy at a store. Less like chemicals, more like actual fruit! Can’t wait until a lot of the seasonal fruit is ready around here so I can start making some batches!

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